Why should heating engineers offer service plans?

Why should heating engineers offer service plans?

Staying ahead of the competition as a heating engineer can be difficult in a crowded market. Offering service plans to customers is an option that benefits both customers and heating engineers in the long run. In this blog post, we’ll look at why heating engineers should think about providing service plans to their customers.

5 reasons Heating Engineers should offer Service Plans

Here are the top five reasons why we think it’s beneficial to offer service plans as a heating engineer:

Retain customers

Service plans build long-term relationships with your customers. You can develop a great heating engineer and customer relationship by providing ongoing maintenance and assistance. Service plans that include regular check-ups and preventive maintenance help identify and address possible issues before they worsen, resulting in a great overall customer experience.

Stand out against competitors

Offering service plans distinguishes you from other heating engineers offering only reactive services. Customers are increasingly valuing proactive maintenance and assistance, and providing this demand will help you acquire a competitive advantage in the heating engineer industry. Service plans can also be used as a selling factor during customer acquisition by demonstrating a commitment to long-term partnerships.

Help your customers in the long run

Preventive maintenance is essential for avoiding costly breakdowns and extending the lifespan of heating systems. Scheduled inspections and tune-ups are frequently included in service plans, assisting customers in avoiding unexpected maintenance expenditures and ensuring their systems run properly. This proactive approach not only saves your customers money in the long run, but also shows you’re committed to helping provide them with honest and trustworthy advice and service.

Source of predictable income

Service plans allow you to build predictable and regular income streams. Service plans, as opposed to relying primarily on one-time repair work, ensure consistent cash flow. Because of this steadiness, you can plan and invest in your business, such as replacing equipment or expanding services, without the financial risks associated with variable workloads.

Build a strong reputation

Word of mouth is an extremely effective marketing tactic. When you continuously provide high-quality customer service through service plans, happy customers become your brand ambassadors. Positive feedback and recommendations from plan holders help to improve your company’s reputation in your local area, gaining new customers and maintaining the trust of existing ones.

Interested in setting up service plans?

BUILT can help! Contact us to find out about our Boiler Service Plan Package, which we offer to our website customers and includes: personalised terms and conditions, a full landing page, GoCardless account setup, email marketing, Facebook post templates, 500 designed and printed leaflets and a personalised tracker spreadsheet so you can keep on top of all of the customers that sign up for your Service Plans.

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