How to convert more leads from your website

Once you have a website and are ranking well on google, what happens next? Let’s take a look.

How to convert more leads from your website

Recently our friends at Payaca wrote a great piece on the value of implementing a website designed for your trade business. It provided an in-depth look at the benefits of setting up a website and how simple it is to implement, with the right tools.

In this blog, we want to look at the next step in that process.

Once you have a website and are ranking well on google, what happens next?

You will begin to find that more and more traffic reaches your website as your webpage gains more authority online.

With more potential customers reaching your website and discovering the service you offer, the next question that needs answering is, how can you convert those leads into paying clients and how do you manage their customer journeys along the way?

Let’s take a look.

What is lead capture?

Before you can think about converting leads and getting paid we need to establish what exactly a lead is and what we mean by lead capture.

A lead, simply put, is a person or business who demonstrates an interest in your company’s products or services. In this instance, the interest is conveyed by visiting your website.

The idea of lead capture is about finding a way of getting those people who are interested in your business to share their customer details and ultimately purchase your service.

To achieve this, most lead capture is implemented through lead capture pages. These are forms on your website where customers can input their details and get added to your customer database.

Sounds good, right? But how do you go about implementing this?

Lead capture pages for service businesses

Creating a lead capture page from scratch may seem like a daunting prospect. Without any prior knowledge of how it works, you may assume that creating lead capture forms requires complex coding and in-depth technical know-how.

The great news is, just as we are able to save you the struggle of building a website, there’s also a company that will help you with lead pages.

Payaca are the leading providers in service CRM, job management and digital quoting – but most importantly they create lead capture pages, designed especially for trade businesses like yours.

Rather than having to build lead capture forms from scratch, Payaca can easily embed customised forms that match your website branding directly onto your site. These forms are simple to create and really easy to implement.

This means that when you first create a website with us, you can also begin lead capture straight away.

What does lead capture look like for your trade business?

Now you understand what lead capture is and realise how easy it is to implement on your website, you may ask the question “why do I need this service?”.

Well, if you keep reading, we’ve got the answers.

To really get the full value out of lead capture pages, you need to have a method of nurturing those leads and progressing them into paying customers. This is where a platform like Payaca really shows its value.

Rather than just taking on new leads and letting them grow stale, buried in your emails, there is a way you can process potential customers directly and add them to your sales process.

Payaca provides complete customer management, delivered through a customer journey pipeline.

What this means is, that when a customer reaches your lead capture page and they enter their details, their whole experience interacting with your company is seamlessly and smoothly managed. So as soon as a customer enters their details, they will automatically receive follow-up emails and further communications.

This is something offered uniquely with Payaca and is not like the standard lead capture pages you may have seen in other places. Those types of pages only capture basic customer details such as emails and mobile numbers and do not provide a means to manage new customer data.

It is important to stress how valuable this technology is.

Evidence shows that contacting a customer within 5 minutes of first contact increases the likelihood that you will convert that lead by 7 times. This increases up to 60 times when you compare this to businesses that leave their leads for over 24 hours before making contact.

By using automated, instant communications like those that Payaca provides, you will massively increase your lead conversion rate.

Not bad right?

Lead capture: a gas engineer example

With Payaca, the whole customer journey is taken care of.

But what does this look like in practice?

Let’s take the example of a gas engineer business.

A customer needs a new boiler fit, so they search for boiler services in their area and come across your gas engineer business website created by BUILT.

They visit the website and after seeing some great customer testimonials and convincing examples of your work, they navigate to your lead capture page.

On your lead page, they are presented with questions asking them for details about the boiler they currently have and other relevant information. They easily complete these questions and fill out the form to book the boiler fit.

Now, this is the point things really get going.

That customer information is then added directly into your account, generating a new customer deal, complete with all the relevant information about the boiler fit, within your account.

Instantly, the customer receives an automated email, thanking them for booking your services and giving them details of the booking.

From then on, communications are smoothly managed between the boiler business and the customer, with many of the processes automated for you.

Quotes are created digitally and delivered instantly to the customer, and when it’s time to pay these quotes are converted to invoices in one click.

When payment is due, or overdue, automatic reminders are sent to the customer letting them know to pay.

When they have paid (by direct card payment online) their details are saved and securely stored, so that when their next boiler check comes around, your gas engineer business – and the customer – are both reminded and ready to go.

This is the value of lead capture.

Customer journey pipelines

With a service like this, your leads are provided with a seamless journey while you as a company are able to easily manage those customers and organise them with your own internal processes.

For you and your business, it’s made far easier for you to keep hold of your customers and keep on top of your jobs, while the customer has a far better customer experience.

This whole system is what we call a customer journey pipeline. It is a pipeline that takes into account the full customer journey, from lead capture all the way through to repeat bookings.

By using this job management software not only are you able to attract and convert more customers, but also take on more jobs than you were ever able to before, while massively increasing your conversion rate. That means more money in your pocket, essentially for less effort.

Key takeaways

Building a great website is the first step towards optimising your trade business online, but to fully capitalise on the benefits of that website you need to be able to convert your website visitors into paying customers and lead capture pages are a great way of achieving that.

To really optimise that process you need lead capture forms that are part of a full customer journey pipeline.

To make that process easy for you, we have partnered with Payaca, the leading provider in service lead capture forms, so that your trade business can get in on the full benefits that lead capture pages provide.

With a BUILT website and Payaca’s CRM, you will be able to create more customers, take on more jobs and make more money than ever before.

Find out more about the BUILT Payaca partnership and discover how your business can benefit.

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