You are purchasing the completion fee for the ‘Boiler Service Plan Package’.

What’s Included

  • Personalised Terms & Conditions, with your company branding, that clearly outlines what is included in each plan along with what is and isn’t covered as part of the subscription
  • Full landing page to communicate the benefits of service plans and list out each of your three tiers of plans
  • GoCardless Account setup and subscriptions built to collect Direct Debits
  • 500 Leaflets designed, printed and delivered to feature your plans along with a custom QR code to learn more on your website and sign up
  • Create and send a launch email to your customer database through Mailchimp to inform them you now offer service plans to generate leads

Key Areas Covered In Plans T&C’s

  • Annual Boiler Service Included
  • Annual System Water Test
  • Annual Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Emergency Callout Charge Included
  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact Number
  • Unlimited Callouts
  • Breakdown Labour Included
  • Out of hours boiler services
  • Loyalty Discount of X% on all our other services
  • Replacement Parts Included


All plans will have areas to specifically include and exclude specifics, such as sludge in the system, requirements for a system visit to sign up to the plan, no claim within X days of starting plan etc.

Why Offer Service Plans

Service plans allow you to build a recurring, predictable revenue stream into your business whilst increasing customer retention.

A longer-term benefit is this recurring revenue significantly increases the value of your business when you come to see it.


*The service plans Terms & Conditions are based on set offerings with space allocated for specific exceptions you are able to customise

*Changes to the plans, including changes on the web page and terms and conditions, are included in the monthly web support

*Changes to the leaflet will incur a £30 design fee plus print and delivery costs